The Invisible Interface: Designing the Screenless Experience

The Internet of Things, describes a world where identified objects and connected devices will revolutionize the way we interact with technology.

As product designers we are now challenged to design interactions for physical objects; beyond designing for the touch screen, we are now designing for the experience, and the experience becomes the product. But what are these experiences look like? And how will UX play a key role in the Internet of Things?

Join speaker Avi itzkovich to explore UX principles in a world where multiple connected devices will seamlessly integrate into our lives, create contextual knowledge from sensor data and generates invisible interactions using human behavior as an interface. You will learn concepts for ambient information display and how to design meaningful interactions for the connected world.

Avi Itzkovitch, Designer, Founder of UX Salon
Avi is a longtime digital design professional with over 15 years of experience, owner of IoT News Network, an independent resource for the Internet of Things. Avi’s passion lies in the intersection of the physical and digital worlds and he is often invited to speak about emerging Design and UX trends. Currently, Avi is working as an Independent UX Consultant and is the Founder of UX Salon, an international UX Design conference in Tel-Aviv.