Interactive Digital Publishing

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What is the long-term potential for interactive publishing? And how do designers realize the possibilities of what can be done with content, touch capabilities and smart device sensors?

We are seeing an ongoing evolution in content design and consumption. But, as publishers stumble into the future, the potential of Interactive eBooks is often overlooked. It’s human nature to impose artificial limitations onto new technologies, to view new things as a conduit for the same old thing instead of seeing opportunities for change. No doubt you remember the first time you saw smooth page flipping, or Alice for the iPad, in which animations enhance Lewis Carroll’s timeless story. These were impressive first steps into eBook potential, but they are a far cry from what is possible.

The Interactive eBook experience should not be confined to animations based on touch-and-response interaction, or merely flipping pages; when designing these publications, one must ask what the enhanced experience is. Why move from print to digital if we don’t capitalize on new and revolutionary opportunities opened up by new technologies? The more significant challenge is discovering how to add true value through interactivity and superior design.

In this presentation, you will see how form follows function: in other words, how design follows content. Through various examples of interactive eBook applications, you will learn how design patterns can be tailored to content and examine a true paradigm shift–from flipping pages in printed books, towards smarter content design in which reading is truly interactive.

Avi has over ten years of experience designing and developing online creative products for industry-leading clients. He is passionate about digital publishing and the ever-growing possibilities offered by interactive eBook applications.

When the first interactive eBooks came out two years ago, Avi started a blog to examine and report on the latest trends in the fast-moving field of digital publishing. The blog is an authoritative source of information about interactive eBooks and contains reviews for hundreds of titles .

Avi is an authority on the current interactive digital publishing landscape and has extensive expertise in the field. In addition to creating his own interactive storybook, he has published numerous articles, including one in UX Magazine on this topic–“Interactive eBook Apps: The Reinvention of Reading and Interactivity”–which investigates the present state of play in the interactive digital publishing industry.

Avi is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others and is often invited to speak about his publications and emerging design and UX trends at various design academies and other forums.