Disruptive IoT Innovation: Adding Value to Connected Devices
Medium – May 2014
Connecting a device or sensors to a network is not enough to create an awesome new experience. The most exciting products on the market are set to disrupt what we know about technology and innovation, just as the iPod and iTunes changed the way the world buys and listens to music.

The Real Reason You’re Hooked to Your Phone
Nir and Far – September 2013
This Nir and Far guest post offers some clues as to why we can’t seem to put our cell phones down.

The Internet of Things (and the myth of the “Smart” Fridge)
Medium – August 2013
The next era of the continuing digital revolution, called the Internet of Things, has become a reality. But what does this “Internet of Things” really mean and what will enable the Smart Fridge of the future?

Designing Better UX (eBook)
Smashing Magazine – August 2013 (Co-author)
The practical approaches for designing better UX cover mobile apps, adaptive systems, and multi-screen experiences. The eBook is packed with in-depth tips and tricks shared by experts from the industry. They consider the importance of straightforward yet personal microcopy, explore the strengths and weaknesses of infinite scrolling, and take a look at how well-crafted feedback loops can influence a user’s behavior.

Designing with Sensors: Creating An Adaptive System To Enhance UX
Smashing Magazine – December 2012
In this article I cover core concepts for utilizing smart device technologies and sensor data in order to understand context, and add “adaptive thinking” to the UX professional’s toolset when designing experiences.

Designing for Device Orientation. From Portrait to Landscape
Smashing Magazine – August 2012
Designing for device orientation creates an adaptive system that provides great opportunities to create better user experiences, as it offers an additional display (from portrait to landscape or vice versa) with a simple turn of a device, and without pressing any buttons.

Designing for Context: The Multiscreen Ecosystem
UX Magazine - July 2012
Connecting applications across smart devices creates product ecosystems that dynamically respond to user contexts for enhanced experiences. Published in UX Magazine.

Interactive eBook Apps: The Reinvention of Reading and Interactivity
UX Magazine / Mashable - April 2012
The invention of the tablet PC has created a new medium for book publishing. Interactive books are everywhere, and have revolutionized the way people consume the printed word. Published in UX Magazine and Mashable Tech.

Designing Experiences for Young Kids : Child Proofing your Application
UX Magazine - February 2012
Designing tablet apps for kids to explore and enjoy without the risk of breaking the experience—or the tablet. I present best practices and examples of apps designed with kids in mind. Published in UX Magazine.

Timor the Alligator – Brushing his Teeth
Interactive eBook for Kids. iOS iPad/ Android - June 2011
An Interactive Storybook for kids about an alligator that doesn’t like to brush his teeth. Available for the iPad and on Google Play.

Design-It-Yourself: Web Sites: A Step-by-Step Guide (Book)
Rockport Publishers - June 2003
In today’s digital world, websites have become essential tools for connecting with customers, selling products and extending a company’s brand. But many small business owners and free agents don’t have the budget to hire a Web designer or the know-how to go it alone. This guide aims to make it possible for professionals with no design experience to create websites.


Inuse - March 2015 by Sara Doltz
Avi Itzkovitch wants to inspire designers by revealing insights into the processes and principles designing for the Internet of things. And in April, he’s coming to Sweden

レスポンシブからアダプティブへ – 必要な情報を、必要なときに、必要としている人へ
The Digital Experience University - May 2013 by By Reiko Wakamoto
Designing with Sensors: Creating An Adaptive System To Enhance UX

This is what full Windows 8 Metro applications may look like
Digital Trends - April 2012 by By Francis Bea
While users have been testing out Windows 8 Consumer Preview, XG Media redesigned Skype to give future users an idea about what Windows 8 apps will look like, and the design principals behind Metro.