Timor the Alligator – Brushing his Teeth

A story about an alligator that doesn’t like to brush his teeth. This Interactive Book for preschoolers is a perfect bedtime story and a fun way to learn about keeping a healthy smile.

Timor loves to play all day and he loves to eat his broccoli… when it’s time for bed help Timor clean and brush his teeth for a perfect alligator smile.

Developed for the iPad, interaction with the story line turns each page into a fun game for preschoolers and toddles.

Book Review:

Timor the Alligator is a very short but well crafted book about an alligator that doesn’t like to brush his teeth. As a result, he has bad breath and some very dirty looking ivories in his mouth. This app is a perfect read for youngsters with sight words and a simple but important message about dental hygiene.


Young children will love helping Timor slide, ride, and fly, as well as feeding him all his meals (including the lunch plate itself), and ultimately do the one thing he does not like to do: brush his scary-stained alligator teeth. Parents will love the teachable moment, as toddlers see the glories of their work when Timor’s teeth sparkle after brushing.


Excellent use of interactive elements within the story and beautiful original illustrations. Overall a very amusing and educational experience for kids.


This book tells a simple tale very effectively, and it may indeed prove to be an asset for parents who are having problems convincing their offspring to brush their teeth. Either way, we advise you to make time before bedtime to read through this book and help Timor get his perfect alligator smile.